Cave of Terror
by Amber Dawn Bell

eharlequin Cheyenne Wilde can’t believe just how bad her sixteenth birthday was. I mean, who would have ever suspected her parents were actually vampires! Worse yet, it turns out that Cheyenne is actually a Vanator, a vampire born to hunt evil. Now she finds herself caught in the whirlwind of adolescence with two clicas of vampires warring for her allegiance. Meanwhile, a new teenage boy has caught her eye and it’s all Cheyenne can do not to stare whenever Ryan is around. How will Cheyenne handle all the pressure? Can she defeat the evil stalking her while remaining as normal a teenager as possible?

The world building is spectacular in CAVE OF TERROR. From the everyday scenes involving gymnastics to the heart stopping moments of fear in the cave and elsewhere, Amber Dawn Bell does a great job at crafting the overall atmosphere of the storyline. The ambiance is crucial to the tale as the reader buys into the world of the vampires, a world quite unlike the stereotypical vampire.

Amber Dawn Bell has written a tale that is pure fun, both for young adults and adults alike. Cheyenne is a likable heroine, wanting to do the right thing while trying to enjoy life as a teenager. Her dedication and loyalty to her friends and family is admirable, especially as circumstances get increasingly out of control. Parents will appreciate Cheyenne's sense of ethics while young adults will relate to the emotional turmoil Cheyenne experiences.

Excellent! Rating: 5 -- Debi W., eharlequin
Image Most people have sweet sixteen parties or look forward to getting their drivers license on their sixteenth birthday but Cheyenne's birthday was a bit different. On Cheyenne's sixteenth birthday she was inducted as a vampire. Up until this time, she thought vampires were just a product of someone's imagination and there was no way that they could be real. Her biggest concerns centered around high school and doing well at the Nationals in gymnastics. Now, she has all these things happening to her like hearing stuff she’d never heard before and smelling things she never smelt before. Her body was going through all kinds of changes again like it didn’t already do this when she hit puberty! At least, someone developed a vitamin type pill to take instead of her needing to get blood directly from the source. Her parents tell her that besides the normal vampire powers; each person will have their own gift of powers.

Cheyenne's sixteenth birthday she was inducted as a vampire. Up until this time, she thought vampires were just a product of someone's imagination and there

It figures that the day after her birthday, Cheyenne has a field trip to a local cave. Strange things start happening around her like there are more bats than anyone has ever seen before in the cave and they seem to be attacking her. She also is hearing voices when no one is there. On the plus side she meets a really good-looking guy!

When Cheyenne's vampire gift manifests, she only wishes she could return it. She the first one with these particular powers in 500 years and while that is cool and all, she’d rather go back to before she was a vampire. The cute guy she saw at the cave is a new student in school and he seems interested in her though a cheerleader, Val, keeps making plays for him. Adding to Cheyenne's stress is an evil vampire that she is somewhat drawn to which is so yucky!

Cheyenne is in for a busy couple of weeks as she comes into her power and learns to use her gifts. With two guys in her sights and gymnastics practice, her life is anything but quiet!

I loved this book. Cheyenne seemed so like a normal teenager and her responses were some I've heard. Cheyenne wasn't a model teen. She made mistakes. She is trying to figure out this dating thing. She doesn't always think before she acts. She's also trying to do what is expected of her. She has goals that she is striving for, In other words, she a typical teen.

The story was fantastic. It was laid out that you weren't sure what was going to happen next. As the characters emerged more and more they developed their own personalities and quirks. Situations were presented in a natural way and nothing seemed to be forced. The world presented was thought out and presented logically by Cheyenne as she learned about it herself.

While there was a love interest, in fact, there were two, they were written very age appropriate for a teen. Cheyenne was just beginning to date and wasn't sure of all the rules. She was hesitant and unsure of herself. If she was attracted to one guy, how can she have feelings for another? What do you do when the guy you think you’re dating is with another girl? No sex scenes just a girl learning about dating.

By the end of the book, I wanted to know where Cheyenne was going. I wanted to know what next. She was still learning about her power and gifts. She was still working on her relationship with a guy. She was still trying to figure out what it meant to be a vampire.

This book is written for young adults and I think it hits its target audience well. However, I would go so far as to recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal story. It has enough twists and turns to keep adults interested while realistic enough so that teens can relate to the characters and situations.

-Terri, Night Owl Romance
Image Cheyenne Wilde learns on her sixteenth birthday that there really are vampires and that she is one but not only is she a vampire, she is the first Vanator, hunter of evil, in over five hundred years. Vanators have a shorter life expectancy than other vampires which could have something to do with being hunted by evil entities for her exceptionally rare blood type. Of course Cheyenne has never been an average teen anyway, she already deals with the expectations that go with being a good student and a top notch gymnast, and while other teens deal with acne now she deals with bloodlust. But when Mandy, Cheyenne's best friend, and Ryan, the hottest guy in the school, are threatened, Evil is about to discover that Cheyenne isn't to be messed with!

With the popularity of vampire books for both adults and teens, you may not think you need another vampire series but this one is exceptionally good. I loved the juxtaposition of Cheyenne trying to live like a fairly regular teen and the responsibilities and powers that come with becoming a Vanator. An average day for Cheyenne now includes blood supplements, augmented hearing, eyesight, speed, and strength, all needed to fight off the influence of the evil entity out to get her blood. Cheyenne and best friend Mandy are funny and charming, just beginning to realize that there is life outside of gymnastics and noticing boys, when it becomes an accomplishment to just make it to the next day. Cheyenne has to grow up quickly and accept her new responsibilities and lifestyle or someone close to her, maybe even herself, will die. Of course teens think they are invincible anyway which means her friends are even more vulnerable because they have no idea about the evil they could face and continuously place themselves in danger. In this story, there are good vampire clans that live like regular humans, unnoticed by the rest of the world and there are bad vampire clans that want to maintain the old ways like drinking directly from humans and keeping their clans separate from the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and Ms. Bell's different take on vampires in the world and the very best thing about this story is that the ending makes it clear that there will be more! If you love vampires, suspense, good verses evil battles, and teen fiction then Cave of Terror should be the next book you read!

5 Hearts. - Steph B., The Romance Studio
Image I'm not usually one to accept eBooks because I still don't have an eReader, but am I ever happy that I read this book! Cave Of Terror was just flat-out a great read. Cheyenne is a fun, spunky teenager with a pretty good head on her shoulders, who is thrown into a major life-altering situation. The plot flows, the characters are believable and funny, and there's danger, romance and paranormal elements. This all makes for a great mix in my books!

I'm also happy to say that this book is the first in the Vanator Diaries Series by Amber Dawn Bell and the next book, A Ghostly Affair will be out sometime in 2009. I think that this series holds a lot of promise and I highly recommend it for fans of Young Adult Paranormal Fiction.

-Sidhe Vicious Reviews
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cheyenne's sixteenth birthday was a very special day that she will never forget. Coming of age has a whole new meaning for Cheyenne when she finds out that her parents are vampires and that she has reached her bloodsucking age as well. Suddenly her whole world is changing and she has so much to learn on top of her school studies. Changing into a vampire and waiting for a special power to appear really beats her old daily school problems and algebra homework.

When Cheyenne goes on a Halloween school trip the day after her birthday she starts to feel strange. Visiting the caves and seeing so many bats is cool but the weird experiences she keeps having on the trip leaves her feeling uneasy. When she tells her parents about the trip they rush her off to their vampire clan. It turns out that Cheyenne's power is one that only appears every 500 years and involves her shifting into a panther. Her life just keeps getting better and better.

With so much changing in her life the avid gymnast would be happy to have a normal day in school. Although it seems that no part of her life is going to be free of change when she she finds out that her best friend also isn't what she seems. Throw in a mysterious guy who knows her name but insists on calling her Sparkie and Constantine from the rival vampire clan turning up to annoy her and it seems like Cheyenne can't go anywhere for a moments peace.

This new young adult series really makes its mark by putting a whole new twist on the stereotypical vampire myth. Cheyenne is a normal girl who is suddenly thrown into a new world while trying to deal with the usual everyday teenage problems. Younger readers can relate to her problems while older readers can sympathize with her for having to grow up so quickly. Her sarcastic and fun manner really makes her character realistic while her continuing strength throughout the whole book keeps her human and likeable.

Cave of Terror has a good, interesting and fun plot with characters that grow on you makes this début a brilliant start to what I hope will be an addictive new series. The author has managed to write a new, fresh and Heather Brewer like story which has me looking forward to the second part, A Ghostly Affair, which is due out next year.

-AmberKatze's Book Blog
Image Sixteen year old Cheyenne Wilde has just been thrown into a new life... of sorts. She thought the most exciting thing about being sweet 16 was getting her drivers license, little did she know that becoming a vampire would be just as exciting but maybe not as cool as she thought. She was a straight A student, a pretty good gymnast, and a creature of the night. Umm not exactly a creature of the night, she could still walk in the daylight, eat regular food, and fall in love. Doesn't seem so bad does it? How about getting stalked and bitten by an evil vampire Prince? Ok, so you see Cheyenne is the first vampire-evil hunter, aka Vanator born in the last 500 years and the vampire Prince, Constantine, wants her for himself.

As a teenager that has never been kissed she thought it totally lucky that a totally hot guy was into her. But he also seemed into the schools preppy cheerleader. A girl that has never so much as had a crush has had her world upturned by the good-looking new kid at school, Ryan. There are instant sparks, but only time would tell the truth of what and who Ryan is. Cheyenne is the protector of her clica ( group of vampire/panther shifters) and has no idea how to access her powers, when she is forced to make a life altering decision, all becomes clear.

Cave of Terror by Amber Dawn Bell is the perfect Young Adult read for those girls that enjoy a little bit of chick-lit with a hint of paranormal romance. Ms. Bell weaves her words perfectly entwining real teen emotions, thoughts, and feelings; all-the-while keeping it clean and enjoyable. I would absolutely read another book penned by the talented Amber Dawn Bell.

5 Hearts -Book Reviews by Crystal
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cave of Terror by Amber Dawn Bell, is a paranormal story about a young woman who has just turned 16, and as a lovely gift she finds out she's the rare and one and only slayer of evil. Her parents both turn out to be vampires, which again she finds out on her 16th birthday. (Don't worry this gives nothing away it's on the first page.) So aside from figuring out how being a "real life Buffy" will fit into her life, she has of course, the normal troubles of a teenage girl on top of everything else also.

One thing interesting about this book is that the author used some unique terms. But she was, thankfully, kind enough to put in a page at the start of the book explaining them so there isn't any confusion.

This is a cute and never boring story about a girl fighting evil. As a fan of the show Buffy I found it vastly entertaining and hard to put down. I have to say as a side note, that I loved the author's cute titles for the chapters too! Because this is aimed at a younger audience everything is thoroughly explained, which can be handy and will make sure nobody gets confused. I don't want to give too much away, but there are some great twists and turns about the characters and in general. This is most definitely a good book for teens, but also for anyone who is into the vibe of something slightly cheeky as well as paranormal. Just make sure you're in for a ride when you read this, as it is the first in a new series.

-Jennifer Drake, Book Talk With J&J
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cheyenne Wilde has had one heck of a sixteenth birthday. As if there isn't enough pressure on a teenager who trains in gymnastics five hours a day, she found out she is a vampire. Of course it can't even be that easy, not only is she a vampire but a special vampire, a Vanator, or hunter of evil. Not exactly something you blab to all your human friends or the new cute guy that seems to actually like her. Changes are happening quickly to Cheyenne, can she live up to all the expectations or will she fall flat on her face?

Highly entertaining and fun, Cave of Terror was impossible to put down. Though at times dark and evil, Ms. Bell never failed to inject some light-hearted humor into the story. Delightfully funny with a true sense of teenagers, Cheyenne's character will appeal to many girls of that age. She is believable and her emotional struggles are on par with most teens. I found this to be an easy read; the author gave just enough background to understand the workings of her vampires without boring the reader. I truly enjoyed the male characters, Ryan and Constantine. Nick was adorable and a teenager's dream. Constantine was deliciously dark. I look forward to reading more by this talented author. Ms. Bell has done an admirable job of telling a story suitable for young adults.

5 Angels. -Dawnie, Fallen Angel Reviews
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cheyenne Wilde was no different than any other teenager-so she thought. She had high hopes of having the best sweet sixteen party a girl could ever wish for, but she never expected to be inaugurated into the family secret. She reached an age of maturation to learn the truth about herself. She was a vampire, rather she liked it or not. The news came as more than a shock as her senses enhance, and the threat of evil surrounds her. Cheyenne tries to find the humor in it all before and after she learns how to use her powers.

This humorous and delightful tale of Cheyenne Wilde had me in stitches. I loved the way the writer depicts Cheyenne's character as "never crying over spilled milk." I thought the dialogue was well crafted and comically surprising.

5 Stars. -Wanda, GhostWriter Literary Reviews
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cheyenne Wilde never believed in vampires. That is until her sixteenth birthday when she finds out that she's not quite human and her family has been hiding a big secret from her. She's not only a vampire but she's the first Vânator that's been born in over 500 years. That means she is very special. That means she is a hunter. Thing is, there is something hunting her, it needs her blood. So, with all this stuff going on that is turning her world upside down, she's also falling for the new boy, Ryan, there's a girl at school who wants to make her life hell and her gymnast coach is working her hard to get her to the nationals. Life couldn't be more peachy.

Wow, Amber Dawn Bell has written a really good young adult story that is full of adventure and dark, deadly secrets. I was totally captivated by this story and enjoyed every word. This author has captured the life of a young teenage girl perfectly and poor Cheyenne doesn't only have the usual teenage problems, but a whole barrel of paranormal adventures to cope with. Ms Bells prose is very good and she certainly got my hair standing on end a few times. The story takes twists and turns and not everyone in the story is who they make out to be. I think young adults will love this story and adults too. I'm certainly looking forward to the next installment and further adventures of Cheyenne Wilde. 4 Hearts.

-Valerie, Love Romance and More
Image and video hosting by TinyPic On her 16th birthday Cheyenne Wilde receives unexpected news from her parents. She is a vampire they tell her. Of course they too are vampires, but as Cheyenne quickly realizes this does not mean undead. Vampires live and breath much like humans but there are some differences. Although not immortal they age quite slowly, have heightened senses, and need special dietary supplements. This is not welcome news to any teenage girl who just wants to fit in with her friends and maybe meet a cute boy. At the age of 16 vampire females discover the special gift that they have been given genetically. Unfortunately Cheyennes gift is not immediately apparent.

The following day Cheyenne's class takes a biology field trip to nearby caverns. Two important events occur. First she meets a really cute boy (Ryan) who lets it be known that he is quite taken with her. Second as she and her classmates tour the caves, Cheyenne senses the oppressiveness of evil. Breathing becomes difficult, the pain is indescribable, but when she thinks she cannot stand it any longer the presence disappears. But there's more. Bats, which according to the tour guide are rarely seen, pop up in almost every room. They begin flying around and at time appear to attack Cheyenne. The guide jokingly dubs her the bat magnet.

All these uncool happenings do little to lighten Cheyenne's mood. When she describes events to her folks that evening they immediately call on an assembly of elders for guidance. It turns out that Cheyenne's special gift has revealed itself. She is a Vanator, a hunter of vampires from the Liliac clica (clan), those who have clung to the old ways, evil ways. One of their characteristics is being able to turn into a bat. This, of course, is only the beginning of the many complications that enter her life.

Cheyenne bargained for none of this, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Our heroine has a very distinct narrative voice. It is not hard to imagine her as a nice, likable teen, who suddenly finds herself as part of a world she never had a clue existed. She is bright, funny, loyal to her friends, and a tad sarcastic. Cheyenne's narration provides humor and drama in this delightful young adult story. I'm looking forward to more adventures with her. The next book in the series is A Ghostly Affair: Vanator Diaris Series will be published in late 2009.

-Patricia's Vampire Notes



A Christmas Flame
by Amber Dawn Bell

Flames of Gold, is an amazing, heart-warming romance anthology that should be stuffed in every woman’s stocking this year! It was perfect, kind of like the way hot chocolate feels when you come in from the cold. Every author brings something warm and inviting to the story you’re reading at the time. There may have been hardships in the character’s pasts, but with a little hope, love, and faith, anything can happen. Hearts that have been hardened against love, will blossom and accept true happiness.

A Christmas Flame by Amber Dawn Bell is a story you’ll have to have a box of tissues nearby for. Angel blamed herself for the death of her husband and baby daughter 3 years ago because she had to be stubborn and leave the tree lights on, on Christmas Eve. Jacob was the fireman on duty that night, and he couldn’t save them. He lived with that guilt every day, and he had finally had enough, he had to deal with the pain. After running into Angel, there was no turning back. He had to tell her everything, how he felt, how badly he wished he could save her family, and he also had to get off his chest the horrors of his past. He should have been the one to die when he was 12 years old, not his sister and his family made sure he knew that. Time and a little girl, healed his wounds and now he was off to hopefully fill the void and pain within Angel. Ms. Bell pours passion into each and every word of this short story, it made a perfect ending to an amazing anthology!

5 Hearts Without a Doubt!!

—Reviews by Crystal
Within every heart lies a flame of hope, a dream of true love, a glimmering thought that the goodness of life is far, far larger than the challenges and adversities arriving in every life. In Flames of Gold lie five short stories wrapping credible characters into that mysterious, poignant mixture of pain and pleasure, sorrow and joy, stony apathy and resurrected hope.

Amber Dawn Bell in "A Christmas Flame" introduces us to Angel McKenzie and Jacob Campbell, two strangers whose lives are engulfed in the flame of failure, a world guaranteed to preserve their memories but shut out any possibility of warmth from the flames of love both so dearly need. One intense rescue on the part of Jacob and a little girl's faith-filled words will alter his inner world while a singular sermon will challenge Angel's world, creating a world of love for the future and wisdom for those who find it so very difficult to let go and let God!

Deftly plotted, paced precisely to hold interest and delightfully unfolding, Flames of Gold deserves to be enjoyed in any season, guaranteeing that real holiday spirit endures within the gifts of faith, hope and love personified in these engaging, spirited stories by these obviously terrific writers!

—Viviane, Crystal Reviews



Purrfect Companion
by Amber Dawn Bell

Purrfect Companion - Amber Dawn Bell – We are now in England, 1715 and Angelique has been arrested because her cat Lancelot has had intimate relations with a royal cat. The King decides to put her under the guard of Damien. But she may be in even more danger.

Oh, this was a very exciting story. Amber Dawn Bell gives her readers a heroine who can talk to animals and has preternatural powers and Damien is a yummy, scrummy vampire. This is a dark story, sensual and seductive and I liked this one the best.

I can highly recommend this anthology. Each story is a gem and each author has certainly given their readers value for money.

—Valerie, Love Romance and More



I’ll Be Home For Christmas
by Amber Dawn Bell

Ms. Bell mixes the supernatural and firm Faith in God together to create a story about Mitch Ferguson, a soldier in Iraq in the summer of 2005 and his fiancé Annie who lives in Round Rock, Texas. Mitch and Annie seem to have a perfect love with a bright future ahead until Mitch is wounded.

Wounded and bitter Mitch comes to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. His interaction with his family and with Annie makes the reader doubt that he will ever be able to truly “Be Home For Christmas”. This story seems so real it makes the heart ache.

-- Camellia, Long and Short Romance Reviews



Love’s Eternal Hope
by Amber Dawn Bell

Amber Dawn Bell writes a superb time travel demonstrating how the power of love transcends time. The attraction between Hope and Wolf is instantaneous as the reader is carried back into a different time. The intricate details make this tale come alive and the reader will cheer for Hope as she overcomes the depths of despair caused by her divorce

--Debbie, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques
Bell serves up every older (mature) woman’s fantasy with this gem of a story.  When Hope Lacey felt all had been lost a magical journey sent her back to her Cherokee roots giving her back not only her self-esteem but a very surprising gift on Christmas Eve. ***Oh, so very satisfying.

--Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization